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The future of our planet is our responsibility!

We live in a world that is increasingly aware of climate change and the negative consequences that the ‘Carbon Footprint’ causes to man and the environment.

We strongly believe that it is the responsibility of each of us to change our lifestyle in a way that reduces our carbon footprint and helps our planet.

Impianto solare

For this reason, over the past two years, we have invested heavily to reduce our carbon footprint and slowly transform our B&B into an eco-friendly, sustainable facility.
We have briefly listed some of the interventions so far implemented below:

  • Installation of a photovoltaic system with batteries that allows us to generate clean and renewable energy sufficient for our needs and to feed any surplus into the grid
  • Installation of a solar thermal system that allows us to heat 300ltr of water using solar panels (clean and renewable energy) and not the traditional gas boiler
  • Installation of hot / cold air conditioners with reduced energy consumption
  • Replace all the appliance with A ++ category ones
  • Use of low consumption light bulbs and outdoor lighting systems
  • Separate and recycle waste
  • Composting of organic waste: the compost we produce is then reused as fertilizer in our vegetable garden, orchard and olive grove
  • In addition to low energy consumption hot/cold air conditioners, we also use heating systems with back-boiler fireplaces. The wood is exclusively of agricultural, local and sustainable origin
  • Reduction of meat consumption
  • Start-up a cultivation systems for organic vegetables, fruit and olives without the use of pesticides and / or chemical fertilizers


We have also recently replaced the gas stove in our private home with a wood stove (used during the winter months), induction plates and electric oven (the latter ones used mostly in Summer). The wood for the wood stove, as for the back-boiler fireplaces, is exclusively of agricultural, local and sustainable origin (see our news/blog section) whereas the induction plates and the electric oven are powered by photovoltaic energy.

These are just a few steps we have taken towards the creation of an eco-friendly, sustainable B&B, but we are already very proud of our contribution in reducing our carbon footprint!


The compost we produce is then reused as fertilizer in our vegetable garden, orchard and olive grove.

We would like to inform our guests that from 08/01/2024 we will be closed for the season and that we will reopen on 29/03/2024.
Thank you,
Rossella & Gavin

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