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Brand New Swim Spa and Relaxation Area

We maybe closed for our seasonal break, but things are far from quiet at Trullo Casa Rosa.

We are getting some exciting projects completed, before our first guests of 2020 arrive in April!

The most exciting NEWS for us and our guests, is that we are installing a swimming pool!

But not just any swimming pool, this is a fully self-contained, super duper Swim Spa.

At one end, the pool has a hydromassage spa for three people: 36 adjustable water jets, waterfall and lighting will create the perfect mood to relax and let the stress wash away. You just have to do a quick search on-line to find the numerous benefits of hydromassage, but let’s be honest: You’re on holiday and it just feels so GOOOOOD!

At the other end of the pool, there is a clever and innovative water turbine, to generate a current of water to swim against. The power of the current can be turned off, or adjusted to individual requirements, from young children, up to professional athletes.

The pool is located in a completely re-landscaped outdoor relaxation area, perfect for lounging and sunbathing, or reading and chilling under the shade of olive trees. PURE BLISS!

Photos of the finished area will be coming soon!!

Piscina Relax

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