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Celebrity News in Alberobello

Sharon Stone

Photo by Steve Granitz/WireImage

Some celebrity news this week.

Apparently Sharon Stone turned 60 last Saturday (10 March, 2018) and guess where she chose to celebrate the occasion? That’s right, right here in Alberobello!

We’ve got a birthday card for you Miss Stone, but we don’t know where you’re staying, so you’ll have to pop over to collect it. If you let us know before hand, Rossella will bake one of her fabulous cakes for you!

Dolph Lundgren

Photo by Alan Lite

Also, Dolph Lundgren was filming his latest effort in Taranto last week (‘The Tracker’ by Giorgio Serafini), but took time out to have dinner at Fidelio’s, one of our favourite restaurants in Alberobello.

He’s not as tall as we thought, but his shoulders are as wide as two men!…

A dicky bird tells us that he’s got really skinny legs though…

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