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History of Trulli

A Trullo is an ancient stone building, made of a circular or quadrangular base, surmounted by a cone-shaped dome. Each trullo has different shape and dimensions; this is due to the fact that each of these constructions was built in a completely handmade manner. The walls were erected by placing the blocks of stone on each other “dry”, ie without the use of any gluing material. The “Chianche” (stones) that form the dome were skilfully interlocked creating a frame that does not require the use of cement or other materials. Given the particular structure of the trullo and the materials used, this house created a “thermos” effect inside: in fact, the temperature was kept warm in winter even though minimum heating was used. At the same time, it kept cool in the sultry summer days.

Another interesting detail are the symbols that are usually seen on the cone of the trullo. Their origin is controversial: some think that they could be related to eastern peoples established in Puglia, or, more simply, Christian paintings dating back to the century after Christ. The main characteristic is that they are present exclusively on homes, as signs of good omen; in fact, they do not appear on buildings used for barns or warehouses.

Furthermore on the top of each trullo stand out the pinnacles, small whitewashed stone sculptures that give the structure a particular grace and elegance.

Example of how a trullo with four cones is built:

trullosezione trullosezione2
trullosezione3 trullosezione4

Some symbols depicted on the cones of the Trulli:

simbolo Vaso simbolo Tridente simbolo Saturno simbolo Preghiera
simbolo Preghiera simbolo Ostia simbolo Omega simbolo Mercurio
simbolo Ih simbolo Giove simbolo Cuore Maria simbolo Croce Raggiata
simbolo Croce Albero simbolo Croce simbolo Chrismon simbolo Candeliere

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