Olive Oil

Casa Rosa Extra-virgin Olive Oil
Food for mind, body and soul

Our own-produced extra-virgin olive oil comes from our century-old trees, grown in an ideal clime and at the right level above the sea, 420 mt.- Thus we can get the lowest sourness and the best quality.
Our olives are cultivated strictly observing the most natural organic rules without using any kind of chemical product: the oil has therefore the most genuine properties, a fruit-spicy scent and a light green colour when young becoming gold-yellow as it gets older.

We yearly manually pick-up the olives according to the old traditional method, then we bring them in about 48hrs. to a modern mill where they are cold processed. Afterward the oil is kept in stainless steel oil-cans in a dark cool place (+7°/+ 16°C.) and used in no longer than 2 years time.

The extra-virgin olive oil contains among many other elements: Vitamin E, A, D, calcium, magnesium and Omega 3, which keeps blood cholesterol at low levels.
Olive oil is therefore a full nourishment for the body and a powerful natural defence to the immuno-system.
The daily regular use as row on salads, meat or fish and even fried will give everybody health and long life.

Extra-virgin olive oil is suggested also not only for therapeutic but also for cosmetic use, like:

For beautiful hair:
Before your shampoo, every 3 times apply olive oil on your dry hair with a soft massage, then wrap them with a towel and let it rest for about 15 mins. Then wash as usual and rinse thouroughly. Your hair will be not only stronger but also shining and healthy.

As a face cleaning:
Cleaning your face with olive oil guarantees pureness and skin nourishment right from the first treatment: soft massage your skin, specially if it’s dry or stressed, then rinse it well. Also your superficial wrinkles will disappear and the skin will be brighter and softer.

For the full body’s benefit:
A full body massage made with extra-virgin olive oil mixed with essential oils helps the skin to be renewed, relaxes the stressed muscles and gives you back all the positive energies. Also some pressure or heart problems may be lightened, while the full immuno-system is positively stimulated.
The same mixed recipe is the ideal solution after a hard day for a relaxing bath: a cup full of olive oil mixed with 20 drops of essential oils is enough for a full warm bath: a touch of luxury for yourself’s benefit.

And if you would like to have special olive oil recipes from Donatella or to get a special therapeutic or cosmetic massage made by a professional physiotherapist book now your holiday at Trullo Casa Rosa: give yourself a present full of health and wellness!